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Soccer Sideline Etiquette

Thoughts on how to make the game a more enjoyable experience
Originally published on the
 National Soccer Coaches' Association Web Site

By Michael Langlois

As the youth soccer season unfolds, highly competitive all-star, select or ‘rep’ squads are taking their game outdoors. This means, of course, that many of us – those who fall into that often-maligned “parent” category – who have been in hiding through much of the winter make an appearance. Read more

The RVSC Philosophy

The RVSC Philosophy embodies these attributes:

  • Safety
  • Sportsmanship
  • Skills Development
  • Soccer Excellence

Our soccer program is based on the Coerver and Dutch 4v4 teaching methods. The program is designed to help foster the love of the game and to teach the fundamentals to succeed. Players will learn to play “the right” way. RVSC believes that teaching individual skills and techniques and using small-sided play is the best way to develop players. RVSC DOES NOT measure success based on a trophy cabinet or the win/loss columns. RVSC believes that players from ages U8 to U12 should be exposed to all positions including goalkeeper.

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